Consider Hook Lift Trucks for Collection

Essentially, a hook lift truck is a heavy-duty truck that has a hydraulic hook attached to the bed as a hoist system. It is mostly used to change out different types of containers on and off the truck. Petersen Industries covers all the bases with these trucks to satisfy transportation of waste, recycling, construction, forestry, mining, scrap, and demolition.

Advantages of Hook Lift Trucks

Hook Lift trucks

Right off the bat, utilizing one truck for multiple purposes is possible with a hook lift vehicle. When it comes time to clear out waste, forestry, etc. hook lift trucks can easily position containers when dropping them off, and maneuver them in and out of confined spaces. The exchange process (lifted or dropped, happens in almost no time at all, making these trucks useful while managing time.

Our hook lift trucks won’t interfere with existing operations, they change processes in minutes and come with 3-year structural and 1-year hydraulic warranty. We incorporate hook lift trucks into our business to make waste collection easier, reduce costs for businesses by reducing fleet size, and drivers having the ability to complete a pickup and drop-off with the cab of their truck.

Specs for Our Products

HL3 Lightning Loader is a heavy-duty bumper on the rear of the body that comes in one size at 18 feet with 24 cubic yard body and outriggers on the front of the body for easy installation and removal. Control options include dual manual controllers and is equipped with a serrates steel walk platform, handrails, and a frame lock control lever at the valve bank.

PL3 Roll-Off Mount is a skid-mounted loader that’s built to fit cable-style roll-offs and is available in 18-foot 24-cubic yard body or 20-foot 26-cubic yard body. It adds versatility to your fleet because it doesn’t require any chassis, works optimally during any season, and can be purchased with or without a truck.

Petersen Industries

Since 1957, starting with the Lightning Loader, we’ve made strides within the loading market. From that time, we have introduced many loaders and trucks into our repertoire to raise the standards to loading capabilities, and make waste collection easier than ever before. For more information on our vehicles, visit our website to view the various applications our products provide.

What Is The Best Truck

what is the best truckWho knows what truck they need when they need it? Most people I would assume. A lot of people ask me all the time which is the best, and I try to help them the best I can. That is the question that so many people have, and we intend to answer it!

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered when trying to select the best truck.  One of the most important factors when answering “What is the Best Truck?” is finding the truck that has the best durability and one that stands up to anything thrown at it.  That is the primary factor that we are looking for when selecting the best thing to buy!

Some people prefer the full size truck, and others would rather have a medium pickup truck.  For the purposes of figuring out what is the best thing to buy, we will go for the best full size truck.  This is because a full size rig will be able to tow more and haul more, thus beating out the small and mid-size pickup trucks in those categories.

Hook Lift Trucks

When figuring out the best pickup, we will look at the major players in the truck world, and look at the best that they have to offer in terms of capability and features.  This means, we aren’t going to judge a base model from one company and a somewhat equipped model at another, and a fully loaded off-road package with a third.  To keep it level, and to truly find out which is the best, we will just look at the best that each has to offer.  Simple enough, right?